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ASR-SI of Numbers

Computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) promise to revolutionise the way in which interpreters operate.

Learn how these new technologies can (and cannot!) help us interpret the numbers simultaneously, test and compare different solutions, identify their limitations and maximise their potential.

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At a Glance

🎯 This workshop aims to support you in the purposeful use of ASR and other coping mechanisms for numbers.
📅 It will take place on Friday 6 and 20 May 2022 from 17-19 CET.
💻 Live sessions on Zoom.
🎥 Recordings will be provided and remain available for two weeks after each session.
🗣 Instruction and materials will be in English. Language-pair dependent ASR exercises will be provided for English into Italian, German, French and Spanish.
🙋 Participant number: min 15
🏷 € 60

Enrolments close on 30 Mar 2022.

About this Workshop​

Welcome! This workshop will introduce you to the use of ASR-based tools as a support to the SI of numbers. At the end of this workshop you will be aware of the extent to which ASR support may help you overcome your limitations in the SI of numbers. You will know which tool best suits you and how to make purposeful use of it. 
The workshop consists of two sessions in a blended format combining live meetings with a dedicated e-course.

Session 1

Fri. 06 May, 17-19 CET

Starting from an interpreting exercise,
you will analyse your errors in the SI of numbers. Through diagnostic self-assessment
guided by the trainer, you will identify the causes of such problems.
You will learn how to address each cause
through specific training methods and interpreting strategies.

Session 2

Fri. 20 May, 17-19 CET

You will learn about different ASR-based solutions, including, InterpretBank ASR and SmarTerp. Through interpreting exercises and discussion activities, you will identify the potential and limitations of each tool. You will learn about the methods and strategies that are needed to maximise the potential benefits of ASR tools and control the  possible impact of their limitations.

Your Trainer

Francesca Maria Frittella

Hello! Thank you for your interest in this workshop!
I am a conference interpreter (ITA – A, ENG – B, DEU – B, ZHO – C), trainer and researcher. This workshop is the result of years of research that I conducted on numbers with and without technological support. I published a book on the causes of error in the SI of numbers in 2017, developed the first course on the topic in 2018 and since then I have been teaching related workshops for universities, professional associations etc. From Fen 2021, I have been collaborating in the development of the ASR- and AI-powered CAI tool SmarTerp. You can find out more about me here. I am looking forward to e-meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, sorry, they can’t.

The materials and contents of each session are updated each year, which means that this session will be substantially different from the one you took last year. I strongly recommend you join in and take it as a chance to both refresh your knowledge and work on your skills in interpreting numbers. I can help by providing you feedback on your progression from one year to the next!

The e-course here on Interpremy comprises the materials and recordings of each session.

The recordings will be provided immediately after a session and remain available for two weeks until the following session.

Of course you can! Your B language only comes into play in the second session, where we will test different CAI tools. Some of them (e.g. SmarTerp) are not yet available for languages other than the ones above. However, some exercises and the overall discussion will be language-pair independent. Even if you only observe the language-pair dependent exercises, it might be a good idea for you to join in and learn about these tools before they hit the market!

Any Other Questions?

Just drop me a line and I’ll reply within no time!

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Enrolments close on 30 Mar.