SmarTerp—1 year of collaboration

It’s been 1 year since Francesca started her collaboration in the SmarTerp project in February 2021.

SmarTerp is an innovative platform for remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), which combines a sophisticated telematics system with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to support interpreters in the challenging task of RSI. SmarTerp’s AI-powered computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) tool helps interpreters tackle common difficult items in speech and increase performance accuracy.

Francesca has been responsible for conducting user research aimed increasing the tool’s usability and its adequacy to interpreters’ needs. Her responsibilities have included:

  1. Contributing to defining CAI tool requirements, especially for the SI of numbers based on her previous research on the topic.
  2. Designing and conducting a usability test of the CAI tool, which has served as a starting point for several other studies conducted by other research institutes.
  3. Testing the CAI tool-integrated RSI platform in a realistic simulated RSI assignment for the first time.

She’s also designed the very first e-courses introducing interpreters to this new tool. One of such courses is already free for everyone to access here on Interpremy.