ASR-SI of Numbers

ASR-SI of Numbers Computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) promise to revolutionise the way in which interpreters operate. Learn how these new technologies can (and cannot!) help us interpret the numbers simultaneously, test and compare different solutions, identify their limitations and maximise their potential. Enrol before 30 …

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SmarTerp—Full Interactive Course

To start learning: 1. Log in / enrol to interpremy 2. ‘Take this course’ will appear at the top of this page. Click there. 3. Scroll down to the course contents and click on the first topic. Introduction to Interactive Course visit website Welcome to this interactive e-course, which will introduce you to the AI-powered …

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SmarTerp—A Short Introduction

Introduction to Visit Website The AI-powered RSI platformdesigned for interpreters by interpreters with interpreters. Learn more about SmarTerp and how it can support you in delivering a professional RSI service. Log in/create your profile, then click on ‘Contents’ at the bottom of the page to start learning. Scroll down to Contents to start learning …

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